Why Deep Pockets Aren’t the Answer Anymore

Andy Bartling, Sales Message Marketing

It’s 1982 and I’m sitting in my first marketing meeting with what was then the world’s largest financial services organization. The conference room was as big as an airplane hanger, and suddenly I wasn’t feeling very smart. Right before The Client and his entourage entered, I turned to my boss and whispered, “What should I do when they come in?” He deadpanned, “Nothing. Don’t say a word, listen and learn.” I had just turned 22, and I was in cold, deep water. Time to sink or swim.

The Client got to the point, quickly: “We’re getting killed by you-know-who. Their ads are everywhere. Hell, my wife is asking me what I’m going to do about it.” I shifted in my chair. The Client looked right at me and said, “So, what am I going to do about it?”

“Outspend them,” my boss deadpanned, again (it was his style).

The Client nodded, stood up and shook my boss’ hand. He turned to his entourage and said, “Work out the details,” and just like that he was out the door—no doubt to spend more money in another meeting down the hall.

IT’S A TRUE STORY. And I remember many more just like it from those days, when spending money seemed to be the answer for everything.

I don’t have to tell you that it’s a far different world today. And while history may repeat itself, the days of simply throwing money at a marketing problem are likely gone for good.

That isn’t to say no one spends money on marketing anymore. Indeed, as the economy comes back to life, so too are marketers everywhere. But the game has changed. It’s no longer what you spend, but how you spend it.

In an Attention Economy, it’s about having the right conversation with your customers. Listening intently. Understanding what’s important to them. And revealing why you are their best choice (if in fact you are). Because people today are expert at resisting a sales pitch. But, they’re quite willing to be sold, if you have a story they want to hear.

It’s about having the right message, delivered in the way each audience prefers. Measuring the results. And then refining your message based on those results. Again and again.

That’s what Sales Message Marketing is all about. Saying more, while spending less. Becoming the one your customers want. And growing those relationships for life.

There are two levels of Sales Message Marketing:

  1. The starter level is the 3-Part Sales Message System. The perfect first step for most small businesses.
  2. The advanced level is the Sales Message Platform. Ideal for businesses with multiple sales audiences, products and services.

Either level will help you:

  1. Consistently deliver the most effective message.
  2. Save 20 – 30% of your time, effort and money every time you do.

Sales Message Marketing works for Fortune 50 companies, solo business consultants—and every size of organization in between. Regardless of your company’s scope, industry or marketing budget, Sales Message Marketing can help you tell a more effective story, with measurable results. And, help you spend every marketing dollar more efficiently. So you can either reallocate those dollars, or take them to your bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line, I’d be happy to tell you more about how Sales Message Marketing might be a good fit for your organization. I may not be 22 anymore, but I’m still a pretty good listener. And I’d enjoy hearing your story.

Best regards,

Andy Bartling